land use / natural resources

All organizations involved in land management, from passive owners to growers to developers, face ever-increasing hurdles related to responsible land use and natural resource challenges. Water consumption and water quality management, as well as environmental resource management and protection are often life-blood issues that require just the right touch. These things don't have to be mysterious or scary. Carraway Consulting brings credibility and experience in these areas to enhance your operational outcomes with economic feasibility always at the forefront.

Financial management / Analysis

Many organizations experience the need for additional financial horsepower during their lifetimes, whether the result of rapid growth, rapid decline, changes in personnel, changes in business model or a host of other reasons. The traditional answer of bringing on a permanent position may not always be the best one, particularly when alternatives exist. Carraway Consulting can offer immediate support in many of these situations, bringing along a fresh, experienced outlook to help pave the way for improved long-term outcomes.


You can count on one finger the number of consulting firms in Florida capable of providing agribusiness management combined with financial know-how derived from hands-on experience at the highest levels across numerous commodities. Guess who? Success in agribusiness today depends on looking inside AND outside of your operation. Whether you are an investor, a producer or an agricultural landlord, Carraway Consulting can offer insight into optimizing your operation, managing your costs and getting the most out of your valuable assets and personnel.

strategic partnerships - a team approach

When times arise that require more than the skill set provided exclusively by Carraway Consulting, we can bring together and coordinate key strategic partners to create a consulting team that provides the needed array of expertise for any engagement. Examples of these include taxation, communications / media relations, engineering, environmental science and others. Carraway Consulting maintains historical relationships with premier skilled professionals in these areas who are capable of providing a holistic turnkey solution for your specific needs and business model.

carraway consulting is different

The broad and unique experience of Carraway Consulting defines a different kind of consulting firm -- one that can address a variety of needs for almost any business, but which can also deliver a more focused skill set to certain clients when needed. Our expertise has been honed by years of dealing successfully with the often volatile internal, external and financial forces faced by today's businesses every day. Have a conversation with us and you will see what we mean!


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